does covid-19 effect do

do you have corona, and have a dog. if so you should try to  isolate yourself a little bit from your dog because they can also get the virus. though there have only been a few cases, and it not that deadly to them. one other thing you should know is that they can pass it to other pets and humans. so keep them away from anyone at risk. and some of the pets that got the virus did not show any symptoms. a question I have is if older dogs are at more risk than middle aged dogs. also how long they are immune to the virus after the get it. I wonder if they lose there taste and smell.


I’m a christmas tree born and raised to look beautiful. Then cut down and  possibly token to somebody’s home. Then they will want to dress me up with ornaments and lights. For some reason I seem to bring people joy by getting dressed up all goofy. And then the fat man comes and puts boxes under me and that is my whole life. A question I have is why trees have to look like how they do. And how long it takes before we get cut. The last thing is how much do they grow weekly.