about pigs

there are many interesting things to know about pigs. they might look very smart but I think you would be fascinated to know how intelligent they really can be. they have are smarter than dogs, some primates and even young human children. betcha didn’t know that. all pigs do not have any sweat glands so when there hot that is why they are rolling int he mud. pigs are also very sanitary, they like to keep there bathroom away from the kitchen and living room. one question I have about pigs is why their tails are swirly. also why their hair is hard. and how much they need to eat a daily.


Feisty “broody hens”

Have you ever had chickens before, I have. Chickens can do lots of silly things. If you have a chicken who has been camping out on a nest she is probably broody. Some ways to know if you have a broody chicken is if approached she will puff up twice her size and make, a sort of growling noise. Also If you get your hand to close she might give you a hard peck. I always wonder If they get depressed when you take their eggs.

Chicken brooding eggs in straw nest