Ive around fore a very long time. Ever since the dinacaurs, and im a cockroach. I have many cool facts about me I can go a month without food and two weeks without water. A creepy fact about me is that I can live one week without my head. Humans better be careful of me because I can destroy your home with pleasure.

9/20 bedbugs

hello Im a tiny bed bug who likes to in the dead of night come and suck your blood. I can eat seven times my body weight drinking your blood. and my eggs are almost to small for the human eye to see. also I can live in just about any inviroment. One time this crazy girl let 20,000 of us suck her blood just for science. and this is what I look like.

9/6 ant social media

Hello I’m am one of the many many ants on this planet. I am not a picky eater, I’ll eat vegetables, fruits and other dead stuff. Frankly I’m quit small, but don’t let this size misjudge you. I can lift 20 times my weight. I am also one of the 12,000 species of ants and I serve my queen ant she can have up to¬† millions ants and she can also live up to a few years.