Sheep Dogs

one of my favorite dogs are old English sheep dogs. partly because I own one, and his name is Waldo. It is a large breed of dog that Emerged in England. they grow big shaggy coats and only shed If brushed. The nickname bobtail came from how most of the dogs had there tail docked.

does covid-19 effect do

do you have corona, and have a dog. if so you should try to  isolate yourself a little bit from your dog because they can also get the virus. though there have only been a few cases, and it not that deadly to them. one other thing you should know is that they can pass it to other pets and humans. so keep them away from anyone at risk. and some of the pets that got the virus did not show any symptoms. a question I have is if older dogs are at more risk than middle aged dogs. also how long they are immune to the virus after the get it. I wonder if they lose there taste and smell.


I’m a christmas tree born and raised to look beautiful. Then cut down and  possibly token to somebody’s home. Then they will want to dress me up with ornaments and lights. For some reason I seem to bring people joy by getting dressed up all goofy. And then the fat man comes and puts boxes under me and that is my whole life. A question I have is why trees have to look like how they do. And how long it takes before we get cut. The last thing is how much do they grow weekly.

about pigs

there are many interesting things to know about pigs. they might look very smart but I think you would be fascinated to know how intelligent they really can be. they have are smarter than dogs, some primates and even young human children. betcha didn’t know that. all pigs do not have any sweat glands so when there hot that is why they are rolling int he mud. pigs are also very sanitary, they like to keep there bathroom away from the kitchen and living room. one question I have about pigs is why their tails are swirly. also why their hair is hard. and how much they need to eat a daily.


Feisty “broody hens”

Have you ever had chickens before, I have. Chickens can do lots of silly things. If you have a chicken who has been camping out on a nest she is probably broody. Some ways to know if you have a broody chicken is if approached she will puff up twice her size and make, a sort of growling noise. Also If you get your hand to close she might give you a hard peck. I always wonder If they get depressed when you take their eggs.

Chicken brooding eggs in straw nest


Ive around fore a very long time. Ever since the dinacaurs, and im a cockroach. I have many cool facts about me I can go a month without food and two weeks without water. A creepy fact about me is that I can live one week without my head. Humans better be careful of me because I can destroy your home with pleasure.

9/20 bedbugs

hello Im a tiny bed bug who likes to in the dead of night come and suck your blood. I can eat seven times my body weight drinking your blood. and my eggs are almost to small for the human eye to see. also I can live in just about any inviroment. One time this crazy girl let 20,000 of us suck her blood just for science. and this is what I look like.

9/6 ant social media

Hello I’m am one of the many many ants on this planet. I am not a picky eater, I’ll eat vegetables, fruits and other dead stuff. Frankly I’m quit small, but don’t let this size misjudge you. I can lift 20 times my weight. I am also one of the 12,000 species of ants and I serve my queen ant she can have up to  millions ants and she can also live up to a few years.